Every individual in this world has a combination of all four DiSC personality styles D, I, S, and C. Most individuals sway toward one or two styles, DiSC I personality types also follow a similar trend. DiSC I personality variations comprise of iD style and iS style.  

In the following article, we will have a detailed discussion regarding what these variations have in store for you –

DiSC I Personality Variations

DiSC I style type carries a dominant personality and always loves to be in the middle of gatherings or parties. It is necessary that there are people around them and never be left alone. They are ready to indulge themselves in different sorts of activities with their friends, apart from attending other public functions.

The disc assessments of these individuals tell us that due to their charismatic nature, they can easily inspire people through their actions or words. Hence, people see them as natural leaders. They can convey any information and make others believe that following their way would yield the best result. 

The best thing about these individuals is that they are extremely optimistic. They focus on seeing the positive side of any event and expect the best to happen. When things do not go their way, they never allow life to drag them backward. Rather, they would stand up and find another way to attain their goal. 

The I personality can even possess shades of type ‘D’ or type ‘S’ because we all tend to have a blend of all DiSC styles. Some have more, while others carry less. 

It denotes that most individuals tend to portray the trend of significant type with subtle shades of all other disc personality types. If the personality style of a particular individual lies in the center score on a DiSC personality test, it might mean that they are carrying the traits of both types. In this manner, DiSC types carry their variations with each having unique characteristics, still related to one another.

No matter what the variations are, DiSC I style personalities prefer working in those environments, which enables them to maintain their ability to influence others. They are enthusiastic, bold and carry loads of excitement on most occasions. These people derive a lot of enjoyment from their work, friendships, and hobbies and experience these elements of life with great vigor. They fear being left alone, and not having the opportunity to lead and influence others. 

Now, it is time to analyze the two variations of the ‘I’ style personality type –

The iD Style

Psychologist William Moulton Marston developed the DiSC model of personality typing and stated in his book titled “The Emotions of Normal People” that people with ‘I’ style personalities can possess two variations including ‘iD’ and ‘iS’ styles.

iD-styled individuals carry the characteristics of both I and D personality styles. All those belonging to this DiSC personal profile tend to be extremely energetic, love adventure, and carry a magnetic personality. They influence others by making use of their passionate and daring features.

This personality type carries all the influential personality traits of the ‘I’ with a slight inclination toward the ‘D’ type. Hence, their behavioral assessment shows some shades of other styles and they are different in subtle manners from the original ‘I’ style. Therefore, they have the influence of the DiSC I style, they also possess dominance of the DiSC D style

Due to the existence of both these qualities, these people are charismatic, persuasive, and highly energetic. They love moving at a rapid pace and have comfort in making things better. 

Chief Characteristics

Following are some of the typical characteristics of a person with iS style personality –

  • They are highly energetic
  • Remain calm and composed even under pressure
  • Capable of influencing others
  • Open to receiving ideas
  • Eager to scale new heights
  • Assert their opinions to others
  • Looks forward to the future with optimism
  • Acts with spontaneity
  • Loves participating in group activities
  • Struggle to wait for things to happen
  • Enjoys taking risks
  • Performs at their best when the environment allows flexibility
  • Reaches out for approval from others
  • Fear of losing people’s attention

Key Motivations

A person having this DiSC personality style receives motivation from enthusiasm, action, and achieving the right results.

They always focus on their goals and move rapidly toward achieving them in the best possible manner. These individuals love undertaking all their activities in a fast-paced manner. DiSC iD personality types simply love getting their work done as early as possible. They feel extremely comfortable making their decisions while on the go. iD personality types give preference to adventurous ideas over safe and secure ones.

Their level of enthusiasm is such that they like taking people along with them to work toward a common goal. No matter what the situation is, they always manage to stay upbeat and bring forth genuine optimism in all their activities. They show excitement toward taking up new possibilities. 

As they are energetic individuals, hence iD personality types never shy away from expressing their feelings and desires. Their communication style happens to be straightforward. 

These are ambitious individuals who remain focused on their goals. They love to leverage relationships for attaining new accomplishments. Even though they are highly competitive, they are charming.


People with iD styles carry several strengths in their personality that help define their nature better –

  • They are task-oriented and hence eagerly look for fresh opportunities along with better ways of implementing their plans.
  • Good at reaching out to people and making long-term connections.
  • Their positive energy allows others around them to feel good about themselves and remain optimistic for things to turn out in their favor.
  • An individual with an iD personality style knows how to boost their team’s morale under pressure situations.
  • They have great capability of turning hurdles into opportunities.


iD style personalities also possess some blind spots or weak links that prevent them from making full use of their potential. They must overcome all those to attain growth and development.

  • Tends to act impulsively because of their impatient nature.
  • They are prone to disorganization
  • These people fail to follow through on their plans
  • Unable to recognize people needing their space
  • Tends to talk over all those carrying reserved personalities

Stress Factors and How Do They React

There are many for whom certain situations in their lives tend to be highly stressful. The same does not apply to someone with an iD personality profile. Those situations tend to create excitement within them. They happen to be ideal situations for showing how amazing they are. 

The stress factors are as follows –

  • Getting deprived of exercising their authoritative nature.
  • Being in an environment lacking stimulation
  • People ignore their instructions and not recognizing their contributions
  • When they are asked to carry out repetitive or analytical work
  • If they fail to stay in the limelight
  • Unable to maintain their status of dominating or influencing others
  • An environment not allowing them to think and act positively

Following are some of the reactions they showcase under stress –

  • Expressing their feelings without bothering others’ feelings and sentiments.
  • When put under pressure, DiSC iD personalities get confused and disorganized.
  • They have the habit of exaggerating while trying to make things look intense
  • Tends to become impatient when faced with a tricky situation
  • DiSC iD personalities try to attract others’ attention for getting relief from stress.

The iS Style

All those with DiSC iS style personalities portray both the influencing trait of the I style along with the steadiness of the S style. They greet others well, apart from being easygoing and trustworthy. People carrying iS styles give great value to friendship and association. 

They often carry a strong desire for making connections. These individuals usually carry a positive approach toward life and have the habit of seeing the good that exists in others. Due to their empathetic and agreeable nature, they can easily relate to people around them. 

Despite these qualities, iS personalities suffer from anxiety when they have to put pressure on others and make them do some work. Anxiety also creeps inside their personality when people do not like them or their decisions. Whenever any situation becomes tense, an iS personality type individual starts taking criticism personally but avoids conflict.

Chief Characteristics

The characteristics that you can find within an iS personality style individual are as follows –

  • They are warm and empathetic
  • Their likable nature allows others to approach them without any second thought
  • One can easily become friends with this individual
  • They love to socialize and make new connections.
  • These individuals can encourage others when things do not go as planned.
  • Eager to cooperate and work as a team
  • Remains upbeat under adverse circumstances
  • They solve problems rather than conflict with others. Hence, they focus on making the work environment healthy.

Key motivations

All those who carry iS personality styles, they receive motivation from being able to collaborate, showing enthusiasm, and supporting others in distress.

These people value cooperating with others in a friendly manner and get a different level of motivation to work in a team. As they always remain upbeat, it allows people to rally around them to attain goals. iS personality type individuals focus on making everyone feel a part. They invest quality time and energy in getting them involved.

Their enthusiastic nature helps them to act positively across their work and relationships. They wish to spread their optimism. Things turn difficult when they have to confront skeptical individuals who do not appreciate their free-spirited approach.

Individuals having iS-style personalities are flexible and always want the best for their teams. They show empathy and offer support to those who are struggling in their lives. Encouraging others gives them great joy and feel valued when they can help people come out of trouble.

Strengths of iS style

Individuals carrying iS-style personalities possess several strengths that enable them to make the best use of opportunities that come their way. 

  • They always exude positive energy and fill others’ minds with positivity.
  • Always focus on promoting peace and harmony.
  • These people look for compromise rather than indulge in confrontations.
  • Try to involve everyone in making decisions
  • They stay patient and wait for a situation to improve.
  • Good in boosting team morale.

Weaknesses of iS style

Just like people of every personality type have weaknesses, the same goes for DiSC iS style individuals. They do not allow them to make the most of their potential and thus hinder their progress.

  • Show hesitation to contradict others’ viewpoints, even when it might be helpful for them.
  • They feel uncomfortable getting into a spirited debate and conflict of any sort.
  • These individuals are highly accommodating, which enables their teammates to take undue advantage of them.
  • People with iS personality styles lack the natural ability to skepticism.

Stress Factors and How Do They React

Stress is the result of doing something out of disgust or unnecessary pressure. It is variable as what might be stressful for some may not be the same for others. People with iS-style personalities value harmony and relationships. Hence, anything that threatens these aspects would fill their lives with anxiety.

Let us check out the stress factors below –

  • Seeing conflict among people around them.
  • Feel as if someone is angry or does not like them.
  • When they are required to give or receive criticism as feedback.
  • If any situation demands them to express their problems.

It is now time to see how they react under stressful circumstances –

  • They start dwelling on those relationships that have not worked out.
  • These individuals avoid paying attention to their needs for the sake of meeting the requirements of others.
  • Becomes disorganized and fail to follow through on any of their plans.
  • Fails to speak up clearly for their wants.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantPersonality’

In this article, we have discussed the two variations within the DiSC I personality type, which include iD and iS styles. 

Therefore, while one variation carries a mix of influential and dominating characteristics, the other one possesses the ability to influence, yet keep themselves steady when the need arises. Despite all these both the varieties must work on their weaknesses to become better individuals.