Enneagram Type 8 personalities are those individuals who possess mental strength and a tremendous level of self-confidence to face challenges. Enneagram Type Eight Wings and Subtypes provide greater insight for enabling others to understand more about this personality.

All those people with enneagram eight personality types always wish to depend on themselves, avoid all sorts of vulnerabilities and remain in complete control of their lives. They are ready to lead and guide others toward fulfilling their goals. Enneagram 8 can easily relate theirs with Myers Briggs personalities of ESTJ, ENTJ, ESTP, and ENTP.

The wings and subtypes of an enneagram eight refer to the different dimensions inside this personality type. The unfortunate thing is that they struggle to reveal themselves. They offer additional information regarding various ways of tackling life’s challenges. You can take online personality tests to understand your enneagram type and develop a better understanding.

Enneagram Type Eight Wings and SubTypes

Enneagram Type Eight Wings and Subtypes give new dimensions to this personality. They remain in the concealed form under the features of the core enneagram type. All these dimensions are equally responsible for making different dynamics of these individuals.

Wings talk of the extra elements inside one’s personality which not only influence and work along with the core or the dominant type. It helps them get various perspectives and develop a better understanding of society. They point toward the two adjacent personality types lying on either side of core Enneagram personalities.

These additional elements can positively influence the core Enneagram 8 personality type and the challenges that they bring with it. Therefore, their wings let them make the most of the chances that come their way. They even allow a person to overcome obstacles and attain their objectives in life.

Enneagram 8 Subtypes talk of those inclinations which come out of impulse and play a significant role in creating this personality type. It points toward the combined effects of an individual’s core enneagram number and their impulses. All these impulses refer to subconscious forces that play a significant part in determining how an individual can resort to thinking, feeling, and acting throughout their life.

Enneagram Type 8 Wings

The wings of an individual with an enneagram eight personality type are two adjacent personality types lying on either side of the core type. It is so because people carry various complexities that inject different shades into their personal and professional circuits.

Hence, considering only the features of Enneagram 8’s core personality will not help us get the exact idea about this type. Thus, wings come up to explain different aspects.

The wings help people who carry this Enneagram 8 type understand several dimensions that exist inside their personality. The sad part is they do not pay enough attention to those things while leading their lives.

When someone places all the nine Enneagram types inside a circle, their wings will be the two numbers on either side of the core personality type. Hence, for the enneagram type 8, their wings are 8w7 and 8w9. They offer their support, deal in arguments, and develop a flexible aspect of the core enneagram type.

Some people state that wings are the alternate sides of a person’s core personality type. They will carry various features of the adjacent types in their personality.

Enneagram 8w7 characteristics

A person with an 8w7 enneagram wing tends to identify mainly with the enneagram type eight. They even possess some features of enneagram type seven.

All those individuals belonging to Enneagram 8w7 personality types possess far more extroverted characteristics than they exist within their counterparts having a Nine wing. Type Eights already carry excess energy and can assert themselves into activities they feel are ideal for them. One can combine these traits with an expressive, fun-loving, and impulsive nature.

It helps to develop an individual having excess energy, which leaves behind a lot of protected wariness for enjoying life to the fullest. The crucial motivation of Enneagram Type Eights is to acquire, maintain and display power. On the other hand, the significant interest among Sevens is to try and incorporate fresh experiences into their life.

  • 8w7s are always afraid to portray their vulnerabilities in front of others.
  • They cannot see anyone other than themselves as the leader in their lifetime. Hence, an enneagram 8 with wing 7 ignores various levels of power and authority.
  • These individuals prefer to stay alone. It gives them great joy to do things as they want.
  • 8w7 personality types know how to stand up for themselves and others.
  • These people give others the impression that they are dominating. They earn their respect for having confidence and the ability to assert themselves.
  • People with Enneagram 8w7 personality types can adopt creative means for solving their problems.
  • They do not like losing their power. It makes them feel uncomfortable.
  • All those with 8w7 personalities look into the bigger picture and plan their actions accordingly.
  • These enneagrams are emotionally vulnerable and openly express their anger.
  • Carry the potential to express their opinions with complete clarity.
  • Their level of patience is low. Hence, they can become impatient in no time.
  • They do not bother about meeting the requirements of others.

Enneagram 8w9 characteristics

When Enneagram Type 8 and Type 9 are beside one another, they seem like opposite individuals. On the one hand, they possess strong willpower, resort to confrontations, and carry the assertive characteristics of Eights. On the other hand, these people can even enjoy the peace and avoid getting into conflicts while leading their lives.

As a type eight wing, the enneagram type nine offers a soothing effect on the aggressive and intense-looking Eights. They learn to become far more measured in their approach, cooperate with others and focus on the family’s needs.

Depending on the power within Enneagram Type 9 traits, these Eights focus more on people than getting bothered about gaining experience. They can easily accommodate people’s opinions while being capable of defending their feelings.

  • 8w9 personality type individuals always live under the fear of losing control over the situation.
  • As they always love keeping things under their control, people with this enneagram type hate being vulnerable.
  • These individuals will want to protect themselves against various kinds of threats and stay safe.
  • People with 8w9 personality types avoid facing all those situations over which they have less control. It is because they make them feel insecure.
  • All those who possess this enneagram type prefer staying in leadership roles, which allows them to exercise their power and influence.
  • They do not like following rules and regulations. 8w9s make sure to listen to their calling and abide by it.
  • These individuals do not feel comfortable sharing their inner sentiments with others. They prefer to keep their thoughts within themselves.
  • 8w9s will always stay away from people who have the habit of controlling them.
  • Individuals carrying this enneagram personality with 8w9 remain more at peace compared to all other eights. They love to spend their time-solving problems with elegance and clarity.
  • These people do not pay attention to weaknesses as they make them look fearful, anxious, and insecure. Their greatest fear is losing control over the situation.

Enneagram 8 Subtypes

We are all aware that nine enneagram personality types form the Enneagram model. Each enneagram type contains three instinctual subtypes. Hence, there are a total of 27 subtypes. All these subtypes refer to one’s primary enneagram type along with their instincts.

Instincts point toward innate tendencies that exist inside the personality of an individual. They are the fundamental forces that help someone to think, act and behave in specific ways. These are the unconscious feelings based on one’s body that direct their behavioral patterns and actions.

The three instinctual subtypes of enneagram 8 are as follows –

1. Self-Preservation (SP) – Satisfaction

2. Social (SO) – Solidarity

3. Sexual or One-to-One (SX) – Possession/Surrender

It is time to discuss how Enneagram 8s stay connected and focus on these inherent tendencies.

Self-Preservation (SP)

The self-preservation subtype of enneagram 8s is mentally strong, straightforward, highly effective, and possesses a determined approach toward getting what they want in life. Their focus lies on being confident, attaining material security and holding fort even under the most adverse circumstances.

They act as the pillar of strength for all those individuals who are weak and oppressed. These individuals are ready to take those people along and help them attain their life’s objectives.

There are occasions when these types of eights adopt leadership roles only for offering protection to weak individuals and upholding their interests. These subtypes even ensure they possess all sorts of necessary things for satisfactorily leading their life. The same applies to their friends and family members, and those who are submissive.

This subtype of enneagram eight does not tolerate immoral acts or behavioral patterns. They walk on the path of honesty and inspire others to do the same. These individuals adopt a no-nonsense approach toward life.

Their focus always remains on doing what is right and not convenient. Self-preserved eights can have anger and frustration if they fail to get what they want. There are occasions when they can become rude and dominating in their behavior only to get hold of those things they have always looked to achieve.

Social (SO)

All those enneagram eights belonging to the social subtype are ready to offer their help. They always wish to protect their personal needs and those around them. These individuals do not like any injustice or unfair practices that happen now and then across society. Social eights remain on the lookout for making several friends and keep them by their side to play and work together.

They love introducing friends to one another and ensuring that everyone enjoys their life. Their focus remains on offering support and protection to one another during need. This feeling of solidarity comes from having mutual trust as well as loyalty.

If they come across people who cannot express their opinions in social circles, these social eights will speak up for those by using their power and aggression with full confidence. They are well-equipped to protect others from harm and possible social threats. It is one of the main reasons why eights turn out to be efficient leaders who act reasonably. Their focus lies on promoting equality.

Sexual or One-to-One (SX)

The sexual subtype of enneagram eight is aggressive. These people hate following rules and any order. These people dislike being weak and vulnerable, hence never portraying their weaknesses in front of others.

This enneagram eight subtype does not use its logic for making decisions. They go by their emotions to do the same. These people are energetic and outspoken and can provoke others into doing the things they want from their side.

Even when these individuals have to make crucial decisions in their life, they will not use logic and intelligence that would ensure concrete results. Hence, it does not take much time for their life to go from bad to worse.

Final Words

We have had a detailed discussion on how enneagram type eight wings and subtypes play significant roles in building their complete personality. Wings offer something extra to this personality type.

Hence, they allow these individuals to get deeper into their unexplored territories. Therefore, wings help them develop different perspectives on life. The wings of Enneagram 8 are 8w7 and 8w9.

Subtypes point toward those instinctive habits that exist inside a person’s body. They develop a link with the core personality type and cohesively undertake their activities. There are three subtypes of Enneagram 8, including the Self-Preservation Subtype (Satisfaction), Social Subtype (Solidarity), and Sexual or One-to-One Subtype (Possession/Surrender).