Every person in this world showcases different characteristics in their behaviors while dealing with several challenges in their life. The same is applicable for Enneagram 6 personality type individuals. There are various healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of Enneagram 6, which play a crucial role in building their personality. Are you aware of your enneagram type? If not, take the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, the online personality test for the same.

Enneagram 6s are Loyalists. When they are at their best, these people show their care, generosity, and thoughtfulness as team players. These people will do everything possible to make their friends and colleagues move forward in a positive direction where they can achieve growth and development.

On the other hand, when these individuals are unhealthy or not enjoying their life, they will become crazy and suspicious of everyone and everything that comes their way.

Healthy and Unhealthy Behavior Patterns of Enneagram 6

The healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 6 refer to contrasting features existing within their personality. They show up during the favorable and unfavorable times of life. These changes take place from various perspectives, which people have while confronting different situations.

The enneagram model showcases healthy and unhealthy levels of nine enneagram personality types that function from time to time.

It depicts that one’s core Enneagram type will portray normal levels of functioning. They will progress toward growth and development when it is healthy. The pattern of behavior will be in line with the primary type. It signifies that a person has fully integrated with their core Enneagram number.

When Enneagram 6 moves toward the path of growth, they start portraying characteristics that one usually comes across among people with Enneagram 9 personality type. In this situation, Sixes regain their ability to relax while connecting with others. They move on with the flow of life and do not worry about threats or notorious elements of society. Positive vibes control their life.

At the time of disintegration or when Sixes are under stress, Type Sixes might display behavioral traits of Enneagram Type Three. They will become arrogant and competitive. These individuals will not bother about paying attention to their duties.

It is now time to discuss the characteristics of healthy, unhealthy, and average Enneagram 6s in detail –

Healthy Enneagram 6s

When Enneagram 6s are healthy, they feel at ease with themselves and others around them. They take great care of their loved ones, offer their helping hand in times of need, and push them toward growth. These people are invaluable and hardworking and take immense pride in serving an entity. They will make all possible efforts to improve their skills.

These enneagram 6s correlate easily with Myers Briggs types of ISTJ, ISFJ, and ISFP personalities. Hence, Enneagram 6 comprises introversion, sensing, thinking, feeling, judging, and perceiving traits.

If they come under stress, a healthy enneagram six knows how to tackle that situation and cool down their nerves with finesse. These individuals try to develop the habit of attaching to others securely. They have no problems trusting others. No amount of suspicion works from their end. Hence, they see people as they are.

Healthy Sixes have enough courage and patience within themselves. They enable them to learn to accept their freedom and easily express themselves.

Signs of Healthy Enneagram 6

A healthy enneagram six might possess the following characteristics –

  • Healthy Enneagram 6s develop the habit of trusting themselves and other individuals who are part of their life.
  • These individuals feel the need for ensuring security and support in their life
  • They are confident in their personality.
  • These people can affirm their worthiness quite well.
  • A healthy version of Enneagram 6 believes in cooperation and working with others as a team.
  • They possess excellent leadership qualities. Hence, healthy enneagram 6s often become authority figures.
  • A healthy six always carries an appealing look, which helps them become presentable in front of others.
  • Healthy Sixes can gel well with other individuals and believe in building long-term trustworthy relationships.
  • These individuals possess a positive mindset and hence cultivate good thoughts inside their minds.
  • They always dedicate themselves to serving loyal and faithful individuals, like their personalities.
  • These Healthy Sixes can build communities with ease. It is because they know how to bring everyone together in one place.
  • They have a sense of responsibility and know how to carry them out with complete dedication.

Unhealthy Enneagram 6s

When enneagram 6s are unhealthy or not at their best, they could showcase behavioral patterns prevalent among enneagram 3s. They will become apprehensive about failing in life, resort to dishonesty, become conscious of their image, and remain busy with some work or other.

An Unhealthy Enneagram Six is always suspicious of people and things around them. It happens because they feel that this world has unethical individuals who will always be on the lookout to harm them in some way or the other.

They have the habit of developing anxiousness because of their hypervigilance toward any impending harm or trouble. These individuals foresee problems beforehand. It enables them to overcome all kinds of issues and lead happy and stress-free life.

Enneagram Six individuals, who are unhealthy, always suffer from the core fear of living in insecurity. They always see problems everywhere in their life and develop trust issues. These people can start thinking about worst-case scenarios. Their source of threat can be either real or imagined. These Sixes tend to bother a lot about whether they will manage to overcome any problem.

These individuals feel unprotected if they cannot keep things under their control. Problems multiply when they fail to prevent the problem from impacting their life.

Signs of Unhealthy Enneagram 6

Following are the signs that can help others recognize Unhealthy Enneagram 6s –

  • Unhealthy Enneagram 6s lack confidence. Hence, they doubt themselves and all others around them.
  • They can suffer from an inferiority complex.
  • Panic attacks are common occurrences among these individuals. They tend to make them feel numb from within.
  • These people have the habit of entertaining negative thoughts and always expect bad things will occur in their life.
  • Unhealthy Sixes fail to defend themselves and hence keep feeling helpless in their course of life.
  • They live under constant fear and vulnerability.
  • These Enneagram Sixes often feel that others are trying to harm them in different ways. Hence, these thoughts adversely impact their life.
  • It is usual for these people to involve themselves in unhealthy relationships with others. Doubts form the basis of those relationships.
  • Unhealthy Enneagram Sixes can resort to habits that can only result in self-destruction. They include drug abuse, smoking, alcoholism, and gambling, which tend to dominate their life.
  • They always feel victimized for no concrete reason.

Average Enneagram 6s

We have already discussed about healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 6. In this segment, we will talk of average enneagram 6s. Average Enneagram 6 personality types are highly suspicious. They seek security and approval from others before going ahead with their actions. These people become fully aware of their drawbacks, while their self-esteem can fluctuate now and then. Their priority in life is to feel safe and secure from all kinds of threats.

These Enneagram Sixes can become nervous and undergo agitation when their viewpoints differ from what people close to them feel. Therefore, they are ready with their plan to avoid disappointment. They mentally prepare themselves to face and tackle possible worst-case scenarios before undertaking their responsibilities.

Even then, these individuals boldly face various situations in their life. They resort to cross-checking everything that comes their way. It enables them to get better clarity. Hence, decision-making becomes a matter of ease for them.

Average Sixes have the habit of over-analyzing messages or whatever information they receive from somewhere. It tends to intensify their level of anxiety. This, in turn, gives them mixed signals. The increased amount of skepticism may adversely impact their mental health.

Signs of Average Enneagram 6

We have already discussed the healthy and unhealthy behavior patterns of enneagram 6. It is now time to check out the signs of Average Enneagram 6 personality type people. They are as follows –

  • Average Enneagram 6 personality types invest their time and energy toward protecting themselves from all kinds of harm.
  • They always try to build a life free from stress and tension.
  • Keep doubting themselves until they manage to attain success.
  • Portrays suspicion and doubt toward the actions and intentions of other individuals.
  • These individuals lose their peace of mind as they always keep an eye on how things might unfold.
  • They live under extreme anxiety and fear.
  • Average Sixes suffer from inner confusion, worries, and insecurities.
  • These people carry the tendency to anticipate problems. They can either exist or might arise out of their imagination.
  • Their skeptical nature makes them compromise peace of mind.
  • They have the habit of blaming others for their problems.

Final Words

We have discussed healthy, unhealthy, and average enneagram 6s with the behavioral patterns they showcase while leading their lives. Healthy Enneagram 6s have faith in their abilities of themselves and others around them.

Unhealthy Enneagram 6s portray behavioral patterns that are opposite to healthy ones. They doubt themselves, remain skeptical of others’ intentions, and always live under fear and susceptibility.

Finally, Average Enneagram 6s carry characteristics that have a mix of healthy and unhealthy enneagram 6s. While they focus on keeping themselves and their loved ones safe and secure, on the other hand, average enneagram 6s are always apprehensive about some of the worst things that can happen in the future.