The nine types of enneagram personality matches illustrate ideal match types for all these different types that form a part of the Enneagram model. When we talk of various enneagram personality types, which tend to match with one another, it becomes a crucial factor in determining strengths and drawbacks across romantic relationships between different individuals.

You may be an introvert whereas your partner is outgoing. There is also a chance that a person might date someone who is a workaholic but even, they have fun being with one another. This is where one’s enneagram type might help one figure it out.

Once an individual knows the personality type of their partner, it will make for better adjustment. It would thus result in a happy and loving partnership for a lifetime. If you wish to know your type, take the popular Enneagram Test, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator for the same.

Enneagram Personality Matches

We all know there are three groups present among Enneagram personality types. They include Head Types, Heart Types, and Body Types. These types fall under the groups based on their motivations. While Heart Types are about emotions, the Body Types trust their gut instincts and Head Types spend time thinking through scenarios. If one comes to know about their Enneagram Number along with the grouping, it can help them understand how they deal with other individuals, issues, and life.

The Enneagram model is made up of nine personality types that are interconnected with one another, digging into people’s core motivations, beliefs, and fears, offering a deeper look into behavioral and unconscious thinking patterns which drive their decision-making process. Hence, the natural tendency is that people would become curious to know if certain types of Enneagrams pair well.

All the Enneagram types are primarily driven by their distinct motivations, thereby resulting in them having several priorities in a relationship. Most couples probably have a minimum level of understanding about their similarities and differences before identifying the Enneagram. Luckily, the Enneagram provides a common platform to discuss these habits. 

While talking about enneagram personality matches, it is important that a person can facilitate the cultivation of empathy for one another’s point of view. When that happens, the Enneagram offers a framework to develop closer connections and predict possible problems that might arise in the time to come. It can give more insight into what is working out and what is not. Hence, it will make sure that couples can work together to offer support, develop an understanding, and start loving each other even more.

Basic Enneagram Relationship Compatibility

When people become aware of their enneagram personalities, the next issue that crops up among them is understanding which types can go well together, or who they should be with. The answer to this is that even though all types of combinations can have happiness in their relationships, provided the partners have good levels of self-awareness.

The opposite is also true. All enneagram combinations can struggle if there is a lack of awareness among themselves. Therefore, enneagram compatibility has a lot more to do with the same levels of self-awareness than it has to do with personality type.

Three basic factors play a major role in determining ideal enneagram personality matches –

  • When individuals are highly aware of themselves, they will make for healthy relationships. Healthy relationships will invariably become successful over time.
  • Similarly, when two people are highly unaware of their strengths and weaknesses, they might continue their relationship but there is a high chance they will encounter relationship issues. Then the relationship with any type would result in a low success rate.
  • Last, but not least, when one person is extremely self-aware and the other one is not, at some point in time, the relationship will gradually stop making sense after a period. They will not sufficiently understand one another to continue their relationship.

9 Enneagram Personalities and Their Best Matches

It is now time to find out the common match from the Enneagram pairings below. To do so, we have gone through the research from Hall’s The Enneagram in Love and Helen Palmer’s book The Enneagram in Love & Work.

Hall states her research indicated that certain relationship combinations are much more common. Even though it does not necessarily make those pairs more compatible.

Let us discuss the most compatible enneagram personality matches for each of the nine types below –

1. Type Ones Pair Well with Type Twos and Sevens

Enneagram Type One personality are known as the Reformers. They are perfectionists and remain dedicated to fulfilling their responsibilities. One is detail-oriented. They use their conscience and maintain high standards in life. These people are drawn to those who can help them lighten up their mood and recognize beauty even in the dull moments of life.

When Ones pair up with Twos, the task-oriented One can feel a great sense of rigidity, whereas the attentive and heart-forward Two can bring about a lot of warmth to their partner’s quest for integrity, hence encouraging them to build a sense of compassion within themselves and relax.

Similarly, Type Ones help offer security and consistency to Twos, who have problems dealing with issues of abandonment. Hence, it turns out to be an ideal enneagram personality match.

The pairing of Types One and Seven makes for a complementary relationship as they share an Enneagram line. Ones get attracted to the irreverent and adventurous spirit of their Type Seven counterpart. On the other hand, the joyous Seven can help remind the hardworking and composed One to let things loose and not feel any kind of guilt about having fun in life.

2. Type Twos Pair Well with Type Threes and Eights

Enneagram Type Two personalities are known as Helpers in the Enneagram model. They are nurturing, compassionate, and self-sacrificing in nature. These people can keep giving to meet the needs of their partners until their hands are empty. Twos face problems in expressing their needs. Due to this reason, they must date someone who can reciprocate a similar level of intimacy and will not take undue advantage of their generous nature.

The enneagram personality match between Type Two and Type Three thrives on sharing similar interests, levels of energy, and charisma, hence making it a highly energetic pair. The charm that Threes possess can motivate the Twos to attain their true potential rather than focusing on what others are doing.

On the other hand, Twos provide unconditional approval to their Type Three partner. Otherwise, they can struggle a lot trying to over identify with their work persona rather than their true self.

In the Type Two and Type Eight partnership, there are a whole lot of similarities as they share a line of Enneagram. While Twos enjoy the power and conviction of the passion that Eight possesses, which reminds them to accept their power. Simultaneously, the Type Two helps the Type Eight partner bring their wall down to embrace the inner soft nature. Hence, they will feel comfortable showing more love and affection toward them.

3. Type Threes Pair Well with Type Nines

Type Threes always have the desire to achieve something in their life. Hence, they are the Achievers of the Enneagram model. They are ambitious, driven, and extremely persuasive.

These people have a great interest in achieving excellence. They can go over and above their goals, and attain their desired level of success. However, the personality that is built based on their image can become a hindrance to their authenticity and vulnerability.

Type Threes commonly pair well with Type Nines. The reserved Nine can offer support to the ambitions of their Three partner. They can accept them for who they are and not for their actions. This level of stability allows Threes to get in touch with their emotions. Similarly, the Three help their free-spirited Nine counterparts move forward into the limelight, thereby finding value and respect in just the way they are.

4. Type Fours Pair Well with Type Fives and Nines

People with Type Four personalities are Individualists. They are fully aware of themselves along with an inclination toward art and craft. Fours also have the ability to look deeper into the proceedings of life. These individuals get swayed toward authenticity as well as intensity. Fours often get carried away in their feelings and daydreams. Hence, they can shift themselves from the realities of life and make them look for greater emotional states.

When there is an enneagram personality match between Type Four and Type Five, it becomes a bonding of emotional and logical persons. While the Four is emotionally expressive, the Five is logical.

Now, the emotionally-inclined Four depend on the steady and straightforward Five to speak their heart out and mean every word they utter. The logical nature of Five can give strength to the Four, who might suffer from turbulence. On the other hand, the Type Four admires that their Type Five counterparts are not fearful about exploring emotions and togetherness.

In the partnership between Four and Nine, Type Four offers intensity and passion to the subdued Type Nine. Nine does not resort to judgment and greet all kinds of situations with the same energy level. It helps their Four partners feel safe.

5. Type Fives Pair Well with Type Ones and Twos

Enneagram Five personality types are known as Investigators. They are analytical, objective, and inquisitive. These individuals maintain privacy and use their intellect to learn and acquire new knowledge from different sources. Fives always remain mentally focused and can stay in their head. Thus, it might take a longer time for them to process emotions and express love. Hence, people can see them as those who remain detached from the world.

If a Type Five pairs with Type One, the Five finds immense value in curiosity, and independence, and have similar levels of interest. On the other hand, Enneagram One genuinely appreciates the steadiness and lack of judgment that Enneagram Five possess, which provide them comfort. This partnership can build a strong base of trust and dependability.

The relationship between Five and Two is a perfect example of opposites. Fives are objective and have strong boundaries in their lives. These aspects attract the attention of their Type Two partner, who tends to be porous and finds trouble to state boundaries.

As Type Five is an independent person, they look forward to spending time alone and do not want their Type Two counterparts to extend their helping hand. It makes the Enneagram Two person take good care of themselves. Simultaneously, the Two, who are people-oriented can add a mix of cozy domestic atmosphere and busy life into the dynamic personality of their Five partners.

6. Type Sixes Pair Well with Nines

Enneagram Type Sixes are the Loyalists. They are trustworthy individuals who always remain committed to their duties. These people always remain in search of security. Sixes can also become suspicious and anxious about how things might unfold in life.

They place immense value on institutions and systems to feel secure. Sixes benefit a lot from those relationships which offer stability and help them stay calm under pressure.

When a Type Six pairs with a Type Nine, this enneagram personality match makes for a solid pairing that complements one another extremely well. The accommodative nature of Nine gives a calm presence and lets them stay in peace. They help their Type Six partner calm down and forget about their perpetual doubts.

On the other hand, Type Six brings forth a great amount of predictability and loyalty into the mix. Simultaneously, they allow their Type Nine counterpart to move ahead and engage with life.

7. Type Sevens Pair Well with Nines

Enneagram Seven personality type individuals are known as Enthusiasts of the Enneagram. People consider them as jack-of-all-trades. These people are playful and possess a lot of exuberance in their personalities.

They want their life to be adventurous and filled with loads of excitement. Their wish is to have it packed with numerous activities. Moreover, Sevens focus on their future. It is because they are afraid of going through periods of anxiousness in the present scenario, which can make them feel impulsive.

A partnership between Seven and Nine becomes a mix of independent Type Seven and accepting Type Nine. They make for a dynamic couple possessing a bright and positive nature. On the one hand, where the Energetic Seven can make the relationship dynamic. On the other hand, the Enneagram Nine can allow its Type Seven partner to slow down and relish whatever the present moment has to offer.

8. Type Eights Pair Well with Nines

Type Eights are the Challengers of the Enneagram Model. They are self-confident and possess a lot of power within themselves. Their authoritative nature makes them dominate reality and portray their love in the form of strength and protection. As they never back away from tussles, people can consider their demeanor as forceful and highly aggressive.

The enneagram personality match between these types is particularly blessed to be a fruitful one. Eight can emit a high level of competency and energy, which attracts the Nine, who love to get along with an individual carrying a strong personality. Type Nine admires the ability of its Type Eight counterpart to take up challenges. On the other hand, Type Eight finds comfort in the calm and composed energy of their Type Nine partner.

9. Type Nines Pair Well with Ones and Twos

Enneagram Nine personality types are the Peacemakers in the model of Enneagram. Type Nine is harmonious and reassuring. They always try to avoid conflict. This nature of theirs might let them minimize or make complicated problems simple.

There are occasions when Type Nines can become so comfortable that they might become stubborn and have the unwillingness to be assertive.

When Nine pairs with One, a person with Type One personality benefits a lot from the relaxed nature of Type Nine. One tends to suffer from an inner critic that is quite intense. This is where the agreeable and gentle nature of Nine can come to their rescue. They can reduce their level of anxiety about the need to always be right. Ones can provide clarity and structure to the peace-loving Nine.

In a relationship between Type Nine and Type Two, both individuals can feel a sense of similarity regarding the way they interact with one another and give out their reactions in the world.

Nine, due to their good nature, always value their Type Two partner for who they are and not for what they can give. Type Two always remains focused on its Type Nine counterpart. It allows them to set an agenda and take up an active role in their life.

Final Words

We have had a detailed discussion on the enneagram personality matches. It has talked about how the nine enneagram personality types gel with other types to form the best pairs and hence make their relationships thrive. It gives a clear picture along with a good level of understanding of whom to connect with and the ones, each enneagram type must stay away from.

Despite all these, it is not easy to cite any particular Enneagram Type as good, bad, convenient, or very difficult than other types. It is so because each individual brings with them, their distinct style of upbringing, level of temperament, and one-of-a-kind experiences to the table.

Hence, these enneagram type combinations are those which manage to handle the positive and negative aspects of their personalities for forming credible relationships.