Have you ever thought about which enneagram personality types animals you would be? Which creature from the world of forests and jungles actually has your personality traits or behaves typically like you? 

The subtle connection between animals and man is quite old. Since time immemorial, human connection to the animal kingdom has been found everywhere. You may be a responsible pet parent or own a pet shop, or it could be an animal in the shelter homes that you take care of.

Your association with different species of animals is thereby not new. In this article, we will explore the subtle characteristics of different animals and will relate them to the 9 enneagram types. The job will not be as easy as it sounds.

After all, which animal typifies your core enneagram personality needs to be studied thoroughly. We will ensure to provide you with the best online resource of how your enneagram number actually matches the core character traits of animals in this large universe.

Enneagram Personality Types Animals

Before we get into describing our jungle friends into personality types, let’s do a quick revision of the enneagram model. The Enneagram personality theory was developed by Enneagram Institute. The model describes 9 interconnected personality types that are unique as well as relates to their other adjacent types in finer ways.

The concept describes how human beings interact with one another in specific ways but at the same time is made up of their core personality traits that are somewhat enduring and unique in nature.

The enneagram system also speaks about self-awareness built on the core values and motivations of the person. When an individual knows his/her basic desires and motivations, it becomes easy for them to relate to the outer world. 

The specialty of enneagram typology is that it describes the motives behind every human thought, feeling, and action. Once the person knows their core enneagram number along with the ‘wings’, they can master the art of living a fulfilled and growth-oriented lifestyle.

Now, if animals have personalities, does it follow the same topology as humans? Can we really divide the creatures of the vast animal kingdom into different types just as we do for ourselves? 

The answers to these questions are not easy at all. The members of the animal kingdom cannot speak and express their feelings just as we do, however, they can behave in ways as per the needs of the situation. For example: When a big cat such as a tiger or lion chases a deer or buffalo, they try to safeguard themselves from being caught and killed by searching for a suitable escape point for immediate rescue. They may run vigorously or take refuge in a hiding spot as fast as they can.

From this example, it is clear that animals portray specific behavior patterns and survival strategies just like human beings. They will react and respond as per the stimulus triggers of their natural surroundings.

We all know that dogs are great friends to humans, and that’s the reason we have so many of these loyal animals as pets all across the globe. Dogs are faithful and friendly, maybe they are the real mood-lifters and stress-busters for us in times of adversity.

The human connection to animals is not new. Thus, we can also relate personality dynamics to these lesser species and see how their behavior matches with ours.

In doing so, we will make an attempt to describe the 9 enneagram types and relate them to animals’ behavior. In this way, you can also get an idea of which animal matches your enneagram number subtly. In reality, we are a part of the entire Universe just as they are, so their personality and emotions may have some connection to Ours. We are not completely separated from the animal kingdom also.

1. Enneagram 1 – (The Idealist and the Reformer type) – Bees and Eagles 

Enneagram 1s are purposeful, dedicated, and perfectionists. If we relate these qualities to an animal or many of them, it reminds us of a hardworking bee or the mightier Eagle. Enneagram 1s believes that nothing is ever good and there is always room for perfection. 

Their perfectionist tendencies make them super-detailed, committed, and always looking for something big and great in life. In one way, they write their unique success stories of perfection and beauty.

Based on these qualities, the bees and eagles make a perfect match and can be considered equivalent to the traits possessed by an enneagram 1. Bees are super talented, bestowed with qualities of head and heart. They build their homes with utmost efficiency and perfection. These tiny members of the insects’ community are resilient, hardworking, and committed just like an enneagram type 1.

They can create hives that are masterpieces of creation and excellence. But, they can also sting if they are angry or feel threatened in some way. They go through a precise process to build their hives, to carve a destiny that is perfect and elegant. 

This nature of the bee matches with an enneagram 1 who are also the perfectionists’ par excellence. The bee is detail-oriented and purposeful just like the type Ones.

Bees give us a honey that symbolizes the idealistic and value-driven mindset of humans. This honey is used by us, serving the purpose of nurturing and protecting all humans on Earth. Enneagram Ones will work for the community welfare in the most ideal way just like the bee.

Another animal with type 1 qualities is the Eagle. Eagles symbolize integrity, honesty, strength, power, and nobility. They will prefer to live their lives on idealism and perfection just like an enneagram 1. These birds will push themselves harder to live their best lives.

2. Enneagram 2 – (The Benevolent and Interpersonal Type) -The Dog and the Elephant

Enneagram 2s are known for their loving, kind, and generous characteristics. They are warm-hearted, helpful, and can connect with the feelings of others. Based on these character traits, we can think of dogs and elephants as type 2s.

Type 2s is built with empathy. They are known for their generous and selfless nature. Can you relate this to your pet dog? Isn’t she nice, generous, and loyal to you and your family? Dogs are caring for their masters. They will ensure that you are safe and sound inside your house and burglars will always keep a distance from your house.

Just like a healthy Two, a dog prefers to sacrifice their comfort for the sake of their masters. They will overextend themselves to their masters. Certain dog breeds such as Golden retrievers, Labradors are people-pleasing in nature. So, they remain everyone’s favorite.

Another animal that possesses certain personality traits of enneagram 2s is the elephant. An elephant is intelligent, cunning, and helpful. They will shower their protection and complete care towards their calves. Moreover, they show signs of sadness if any other member of their herd passes away. 

They will grieve the loss by showing signs of emotional downtime. Elephants are the only animals who do the rituals of burial after another elephant passes away. They are always generous and kind in the animal kingdom.

3. Enneagram 3 – (The Successful and Pragmatic type) – Tiger, Chameleon, Fox

Threes are real achievers because of their confident and assertive nature. At the same time, they’re highly adaptable to the circumstances and never repent their misfortunes. Being achievers, they just believe in making things happen in the finest way possible. People with type 3 traits are charming, image-conscious types. They will surely not like to live an ordinary life.

Many of you may roll your eyes when I say that tigers, chameleons, and a fox can be related to this type. Tigers are the rulers of the animal world. So, it is obvious that they are confident, ambitious, and know how and when to catch their prey.

Even the other animals are scared of their silent movements because they know a cunning and ambitious tiger is just around the corner. Their strength lies in their intense energy and resourcefulness.

The tiger symbolizes power and integrity, a royal living that is always in the spotlight. Just like an enneagram 3, tigers have immense energy to fight the odds in life. Because of their brave nature, they are always willing to face challenges and relentlessly overcome all the hardships that keep them away from their goals.

While analyzing the nature of a chameleon, it is seen that it is a reptile that is highly adaptable and can safeguard itself from its predators by changing color and camouflaging with its natural surroundings. Just like threes, chameleons are also perfect examples of slow-moving reptiles that prefer to take calculated risks to get things done.

Lastly, another member of the animal kingdom that can be related to an enneagram 3 is the Fox. Fox is cunning, witty, ambitious, and a perfect trickster. They will always succeed in achieving a narrow escape from hunters just by using their cunning behavior and stealth. 

4. Enneagram 4 – (Individualists – Sensitive, Withdrawn, and Introspective) – Panther, Cat, Snake

An enneagram Type 4 is independent, creative buffs. They are more than enough aware of their subtle strengths and weaknesses. In many Native American cultures, the Black Panther represents introspection, hidden emotions, and power. Just like an enneagram 4, a panther is an intuitive, aesthetically-inclined animal. They are brave and powerful, self-aware of their hidden talents and emotions.

Fours are moody and self-absorbed. Panthers also reflect these self-absorbed qualities. They will hunt only when needed and will always do so with charm and elegance. They have an unconventional style that separates them from all others in the feline community.

Another feline member who is closest to enneagram 4s is the cat. The cat is aloof, and cunning, and may make their owners their servants. These animals are choosy and they choose their masters as well. Cats are greedy at times and may follow a push/pull method to maintain their connection with human beings.

This relates to the type 4s relationship patterns also. Enneagram 4s will maintain a fair distance from others unless they’re pretty sure of what will happen in the relationship they are trying to rely upon. Cats are detached emotionally, moody, and intuitive just like the type fours.

Snakes can also be related to an enneagram 4. Some snake species such as the hognose snake can be related to the nature of an enneagram 4. They are dramatic, moody, and erratic just like type 4s. These reptiles will withhold in good ways because they feel vulnerable in situations that are unknown. Just like fours who will take calculated risks only, never open up clearly in front of others. They are sensitive, withdrawn, and prefer to make decisions based on instincts and gut feelings.

5. Enneagram 5 – (The Innovative and Insightful type) – The Owl, Hamster, and Margay

The Owl symbolizes intuition, insight, and vision. Therefore, it can be considered as enneagram 5. Fives are intellectuals and scholars. Their search for deep knowledge makes them nerdy and insightful. People with enneagram 5 personality traits will prefer to maintain space and boundaries in their relationships. 

These individuals match with an owl because owls are truthful and cannot tolerate injustice, or deception even in the slightest. In some cultures, a general belief is, owls accompany dead people on their journey to the afterlife. Whether this is just a myth or a reality is still not known fully.

Owls are full of wisdom and new knowledge. They are wise, and perceptive, and believe in nurturing righteousness in all aspects of life. Just like the enneagram 5s, owls prefer a solitary life. They are not very social birds and you may find them aloof and distant from others in their group.

Moreover, Owls are calm, patient, and tolerant also. This nature relates to the quiet and patient nature of an enneagram type 5. At times, the owl can be quite aggressive if feeling threatened in its immediate neighborhood. Type 5s also try to safeguard their opinions strongly if they believe that they’re right. 

Another example of type 5 is the hamster. They love hoarding and are nocturnal creatures that are highly observant and intuitive of their surroundings. Hamsters are emotionally blunt and appear aloof just like the type 5s.

Margay is cat species that lives in South America. They are mysterious animals that thrive on treetops and see the world from the top. This nature of a margay relates with the ambitious and insightful nature of an enneagram 5.

6. Enneagram 6 – (The Loyalist – The Security- Oriented, dependable type) – The Wolf, Swan, Or Deer

People with enneagram 6 personality types are usually the most prepared individuals in the world. They are organized freaks with a lot of responsibility. They will doubt and scan every small detail before accepting it as a part of reality. Sometimes, they hunt for double messages when dealing with others in the real world.

 Enneagram 6s are known as the devil’s advocate. They have a questioning mind that only wants to know the truth. However, they are the most dependable and trustworthy of all the enneagram types.

Based on these characteristics, type 6 animals could be a wolf, swans, or deer. Let’s see how?

Wolves are cautious and will always remain in tune with their surroundings. They will not easily fall prey to their predators because of their cautious and wary nature. Moreover, wolves are good at understanding worst-case scenarios and will take necessary precautions to stay safe and secure whenever a grave situation arises. They are highly intuitive and watchful animals, just like the type 6.

Swans are incredibly loyal and trustworthy birds. Swans are loyal partners. They live with their partner swan and shower affection all through. These birds are soothing, dependable, and faithful just like the enneagram 6.

Deer are always soft, and affectionate; and develop strong bonding with their herds. They are playful, and attentive and remain cautious even at night. They have excellent night vision that keeps them safe whenever the big cat (tiger. Lion) is nearby. Moreover, deer will always inform the other members of their herd if the big cat is approaching. Thus, they’re helpful and dependable animals who think deeply about others’ safety as well.

7. Enneagram 7 – (The Enthusiastic Soul – busy, playful, fun-loving, and casual) – The golden Retriever, Otter, and monkeys)

Enneagram type 7 is playful and fun-loving. They prefer to take life easy and believe in the present moment. They are versatile, spontaneous, and upbeat. One animal that typically matches with sevens is the otter.

Otters are joyful, spontaneous, and easygoing animals. They live life with grace and optimism. These tiny animals are brimming with energy and never slow down in life. Just like type seven, they are fun-loving and prefer to do something or the other. They never pass on time just like that.

They are entertaining and joyful and believe in fun and frolic as an instinctive tendency that keeps them agile and active. They live for variety and will never settle down with only one thing in life. They enjoy having fun and make everyone else happy whenever they are around others.

The golden retriever is a real entertainer for his master. They prefer to seek new experiences and lead a very active and agile lifestyle. This quality matches with an enneagram 7. Sometimes, these dog breeds are hyperactive, impatient, and impulsive also and can create problems for their owners. 

You can also relate type 7 personality traits with a monkey. Monkeys are mischievous, playful, and naughty. They have been lively and entertaining humans since immemorial times. They are curious and clever and are a perfect joy to watch from a distance.

8. Enneagram 8 – The Challenger – Powerful, Dominating, Angry-prone type) – The Honey Badger, lions, and bull

Enneagram 8s are ferocious, dominating, and prefer to control all others around them. They are too brave to be tied down in adversities. They prefer to take all sorts of challenges in their stride and never settle for anything less than what they think they deserve in life.

Eights prefer autonomy and freedom just like the king of the jungle. Lions are symbols of power. They are fearless and brave and tend to dominate the entire jungle space. Other animals remain submissive in front of them because of their angry demeanor. Lions are family-oriented types. They are caring carnivores when it comes to safeguarding their cubs from external threats and danger. 

This nature of a lion matches the protective nature of an enneagram 8. Eighths are protective of their loved ones. Moreover, they will raise their voice if they find injustice and unfair practices going anywhere around.

An angry 8 is uncontrollable just like the loud roar of a lion. Another member of the animal kingdom whose nature matches with type eights is the honey badger. These animals are cunning and influential, and dominate the space where they are. They are decisive, confident, and fearless.

They can protect their own bodies from other animals. Even bee stings and porcupine thorns cannot do any harm to them. Just like an enneagram 8, honey badgers are self-protectors. They are so brave that other animals find it hard to dominate them in reality; not even big cats like tigers and lions.

Bulls are strong, brave, and dominating as hell. These animals are ferocious, especially the wild ones in the deep woods. They prefer to take charge and get things done in their own sweet ways. Bulls will dominate other animals and can start a scary fight with small animals at any moment. Sometimes they are quite unpredictable and badass. This makes other animals stay away from a wild bull in most situations.

9. Enneagram 9 – (Peacemakers – The easygoing, serene, and adjustable type) – The Whale and Manatee

Enneagram 9s are the perfect example of patience and peace. They prefer to live in harmony and feel safe in comfortable and known situations. They hate sudden changes, unpredictable, and uncertain situations in life. They are friendly, easygoing, and highly adaptable personality types.

Enneagram 9 qualities match with the whales. These huge sea creatures prefer to move with the flow of time. They are complacent, friendly, and peaceful creatures until they feel threatened in life. Whales are super cool and chilled creatures. They are not the types to harm any other sea creature intentionally. They are also in tune with their surroundings and remain present-oriented in the deep Sea. This helps them understand if any threat is around.

Whales are also super-cautious and hate confrontations with other sea animals unless absolutely needed. They are peace-loving just like the type nines.

Another sea creature that prefers peace and serenity around is the manatee. This is a sea cow that moves slowly and is highly adjustable in nature. Manatees are gentle, live on small fish, and are friendly with other creatures. They avoid getting into confrontations with big marine creatures. Manatees will escape harm when feeling threatened under the waters. They are peace lovers beyond any doubt.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, it can be said that we cannot say completely whether animals have particular personality types but one thing is sure they have feelings. Just like you and me, they can feel and respond to environmental stimuli. 

Only by observing these animals closely and under varied circumstances, will we be able to derive a conclusion about their types and whether it really exist. It might bring us closer to the animal world in the near future.