Enneagram 7 personality type individual, also known as The Enthusiast, is cheerful and multi-talented. They always love to keep things moving with various ideas and projects. Enneagram type 7 relationships & compatibility thrive because of their creativity, positivity, stimulation, and possibilities. They always love keeping their options open. Are you aware of your enneagram type? If not, take one of the most popular online personality tests, the Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator, to know the same.

Sevens can connect even unrelated concepts, ideas, and opportunities in a creative manner. The high energy of these individuals keeps them moving from one aspect to another. These people can easily suffer from distraction when any attractive opportunity comes their way.

In the following post, we will discuss how enneagram seven personality type people maintain different kinds of relationships. It will also talk about the enneagram seven type compatibility level with other enneagram types.

Enneagram Type 7 Relationships & Compatibility

Enneagram Type 7 Relationships & Compatibility refers to how these people carry out different roles and responsibilities. It mentions how they maintain their relationships, make necessary adjustments, and let them flourish.

When Enneagram 7 personality type people are in relationships, they tend to give immense value to excitement and freedom of expression. They are people-oriented. These individuals neither wish to feel trapped nor feel grounded. Hence, a stable relationship can make Seven feel their presence getting stifled. When they lack the desired level of awareness, then these individuals might run away from anything that seems too connected or too emotional.

As a friend, an Enneagram 7 personality type individual looks for genuineness and excitement. We all know these are fun-loving people who look for variety. Sevens enjoy associating with those who can indulge in spontaneous activities together. They will not want someone who will try putting them under strict schedules, routines, and commitments. These people look at life as an adventure. Hence, they wish to experience the best on offer. Therefore, it applies to their friendship as well. A person willing to be their friend must show an interest in sharing and hearing stories.

When Sevens take up their roles as parents, they tend to illuminate their children’s surroundings with joy and love. These individuals help create good long-lasting memories for them. They always have the habit of injecting elements of fun and enjoyment by making their children go on memorable adventures. People with this personality type possess a childlike nature and are always ready to have good times. Due to this reason, they can easily create a deep-level connection with their children. It enables these parents to understand why their children behave in a particular manner and what they want that will help uplift their mood and keep them happy.

It is the right time to discuss how Enneagram Sevens maintain their relationships in various capacities as romantic partners, friends, and parents.

Enneagram 7 as a Romantic Partner

When Enneagram 7 is in love, they tend to show the same enthusiasm about their romantic relationship as they carry for all other things in life. They are highly passionate individuals who wish to explore everything that their partners have on offer. These people even desire to learn more about their personalities. They wish to know what exactly makes them behave the way they do. It gives them an immense joy to learn about their partner at a deeper level. When romance within this individual comes to the forefront, it helps them connect with their partner.

As the type seven individual is intense and acts spontaneously, they always look for someone to help balance things out. Ideally, the romantic partner of this person must be thoughtful while making decisions. They even want that individual to be reliable and trustworthy. Only then an enneagram seven would be sure that they will stay fully committed to the relationship.

An enneagram seven needs romance in their relationship. At the same time, they are perfectly capable of giving complete commitment to their partner. They look for someone who understands when to go with the flow. It is also important that they must pull their seven partners back from stretching things too far. The love that this individual carries within is quite exciting. They are perfectly capable of showing their love and affection toward someone.

Enneagram 7 as a Friend

When an individual with Enneagram 7 personality type is your friend, you can expect they will love to have fun and seek variety in life. You must be someone who can show a certain level of an urge to carry out spontaneous activities with them. They will not enjoy being under strict rules and regulations. The best of an enneagram seven friends would come out when they can independently express themselves.

As a friend, they will love engaging in stimulating conversations and immersing themselves in a wide range of experiences and interests. The most important thing one must note here is that an Enneagram Seven will not wish to become friends with individuals with similar personality traits. They will look forward to connecting with someone, with whom they can find common ground. It can offer them the necessary balance.

There are instances when Enneagram Seven suppresses its problems. Under those circumstances, having someone by their side who will make them realize the importance of addressing some issues is something that the Type Seven individual would always prefer. A good friend of this enneagram personality type would encourage them to share their feelings and sentiments, thus making their lives easier.

Enneagram 7 as a Parent

An Enneagram 7 person as a parent fills their children’s lives with love and happiness. They focus on creating long-lasting memories for them. These parents know how to make their children have good times and enjoy life to the fullest.

Children of parents with this enneagram type tend to be happy and fearless. It might well happen that the highly frenetic pace of an Enneagram Seven might turn out to be quite overwhelming for subdued children who are less adventurous.

Sevens have a natural tendency to take risks. Therefore, if their children are not the same as their parents, these enneagram parents might have to adjust themselves to meet their requirements. Ideally, type seven parents must never make things overwhelming for their children by indulging them in various activities.

They must let their children focus on one thing at a time. It will allow them to learn better. Moreover, these parents should show their kids different ways to choose contentment. Otherwise, no money, fame, or luxury will quench their thirst.

Enneagram 7 Compatibility with Other Enneagram Types

In the previous section, we have discussed in detail how an Enneagram 7 personality type individual fulfills various commitments in their personal lives to maintain relationships.

The following enneagram compatibility chart would give us a better picture of the behavioral modifications that appear within Type 7s while building relationships with other Enneagram Types.

Let us now check out the details of this enneagram compatibility chart below –

 Enneagram Types When Paired With 7
    Enneagram 1 When an Enneagram 1 personality type individual pairs with an Enneagram 7 personality type, it will be a reciprocal and complementary relationship. Their opposite features help both attain new levels of growth. The Type 1 person helps their Type 7 partner become steady and act from their conscience. On the other hand, the Type 7 individual assists their Type 1 counterpart in knowing the little ways through which they can celebrate life.
       Enneagram 2The relationship between Enneagram 2 and Enneagram 7 involves energy, fun, and lots of socializing. They pay attention to the brighter side of life. On the one hand, Type Two shows their generosity and concern for others’ welfare, which helps their Type Seven partner slow down their pace in life. They even make them attend to the needs of their loved ones. On the other hand, Type Seven brings their adventurous and spontaneous nature, which helps inspire their Type Two counterparts to dream bigger and think out of the box. Thus, they can start taking different approaches to resolve issues.
     Enneagram 3If Enneagram 3 pairs up with Enneagram 7 in a relationship, it will make for a great one. They will complement one another quite well. Both these individuals are assertive, possess high energy levels, and easily connect with people. Type Three helps their Type Seven partner become more aware of people’s feelings. They also let them focus on their goals. On the other hand, Type Seven allows their Type Three counterparts to relax and have fun. They use their abundance of knowledge and instant energy to keep their relationship interesting in various ways.  
   Enneagram 4When an Enneagram 4 personality type individual gets together with an Enneagram 7 personality type person, they build a logical, colorful, and expressive relationship filled with curiosity. The Type Four person allows their Type Seven partner to remain humble and create a haven for them to experience feelings. On the other hand, Type Seven helps their Type Four counterparts see the good things in life and enhance their confidence level.
      Enneagram 5The relationship between Enneagram 5 and Enneagram 7 is full of provocation, confusion, and the ability to think swiftly. The Type Five individual allows their Type Seven partner to become serious about their pursuits in life. They use the skill of in-depth observations and close awareness of the world to make Enneagram Seven gain excitement. Simultaneously, the Type Seven individual helps their Type Five counterpart to stop thinking and start enjoying life. Their spontaneity allows the Five to get a new perspective on life.
     Enneagram 6If Enneagram 6 gets into a relationship with Enneagram 7, they share similar feelings and sentiments for one another. Both focus on their strengths and lead fulfilling lives. The Type Six individual provides slight caution, balance, and stability to the enthusiastic energy of their Type Seven partner. On the other hand, the Type Seven person brings to the relationship, different elements of fun, adventure, and lightheartedness with their Type Six counterpart’s careful disposition.
    Enneagram 7When Type Sevens come together, they form a lighthearted and enthusiastic relationship where both are winners. This enneagram double-type combination suggests that they love to learn, which comes through because of their inquisitive nature. Learning something new always seems exciting to this pair. They want satisfaction and contentment as well as want each other’s happiness. This pair tends to ride the waves of possibility and fun together. It makes for a loving, happy, and resilient connection.
      Enneagram 8The relationship between an Enneagram Type Eight and an Enneagram Type Seven is full of intensity and dynamism. It is also quite captivating. The Type Seven helps their Type Eight partner lighten things up and have fun. They enable them to let loose their grip and lead a better life. On the other hand, Type Eight helps its Type Seven counterpart stay put in reality, pay attention to practical matters, and focus on what matters. They make them think about what they truly want from life and take the necessary steps.
     Enneagram 9If an Enneagram Type Nine forges a relationship with an Enneagram Type Seven, it will have flexibility, a carefree attitude, and optimism. Both these individuals look into the brighter side of life. The differences in their personalities help bring balance to this relationship. Type Seven assertively introduces fun and self-confidence to allow their Type Nine partner to come out of the shell and experience new things. On the other hand, the Type Nine has a calming influence on their Type Seven counterparts, bringing forth steadiness and adding a personal touch to the relationship.

Final Words

We have seen different ways an Enneagram 7 personality type individual carries out their responsibilities and maintains relationships as a romantic partner, friend, and parent. They are highly spirited people who carry the urge to gather knowledge and experience new things. These traits come to light while maintaining their relationships as well. Sevens enjoy having friends and romantic partners with whom they can relish new experiences.

We have even compiled a compatibility chart on the kinds of relationships Enneagram Type 7s share with all other Enneagram personality types. The usual trend is that Type Seven pairs well with Type Nine, while they are least compatible with Type One. This chart can greatly assist Enneagram Seven in making them understand how other types function. Hence, they try to stay in touch with those carrying similar preferences.