International Friendship Day will be celebrated on July 30, 2023. It’s that time of the year to cherish friendships forever. Undoubtedly, friends play a pivotal role in our lives. However, there are many types of friends; some are loyal and compassionate, and some are toxic.

Thus, to dig deeper, we have put together MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality types and the kind of friend each personality is. So, let’s get started.

Type of a Friend based on Your MBTI Personality

Does your personality highlight that you are an empathetic friend or a snob? Let’s find out all about it in the section below. 

ENFP – Empathetic and supportive friend

ENFPs are socially active, agile, and excellent communicators. Being an extrovert, they are witty, humorous, outgoing, and friendly beings. Also, they are optimistic, uplifting, and motivating their friends to pursue their dreams and passions.

Also, their happy-go-lucky, pleasant, and helpful nature can transform ordinary moments into fun-loving and fulfilling ones. Most importantly, ENFPs create a safe space for their friends to open up and share their deepest secrets and wildest dreams. Because their friends know that they will never be judged, even if they go wrong somehow.

Weakness – ENFPs invest their time, money, energy, and expertise into building strong friendships. In the process, they may ignore themselves, and a time may come their friendship may show signs of issues and disagreements.

INTJ – Loyal, committed, and assertive friend

INTJs are armed with a strong mind. They have a nudge to analyze simple and complex problems and develop creative solutions. This is how they help friends come up with solutions. Besides, they are compassionate, which is an excellent trait for friendship. Besides, they are the ones to support their pals in dire situations but will also not spare them if found guilty of some misbehavior.

Weakness – As they crave mental stimulation, they may get bored with people who cannot keep pace with their curious and exploratory minds. So they have a small circle of friends.

INFP – Friends in need are friends indeed

INFPs are caring and compassionate friends. They are constantly creating a supportive and understanding environment for their friends. Besides, they have a thoughtful mind driven by high values. Most importantly, they think deeply for others who are morally committed and interested in knowing life’s deeper meaning. 

Most importantly, they are known to hold deeper one-to-one conversations with people, which is a boon in friendship. They believe in making the world a better place and hence care about the needs of others and are connected to close relationships.

Weakness – INFPs are introverts and want adequate alone time to be with themselves. Sometimes they may also feel lonely because they are fussy about their friendships.

ENTP – Highly energetic and upfront friend

ENTPs are friendly and complemented by a good sense of humor. They are supportive buddies who never judge and always support those they care for. Also, they are emotionally expressive and can easily understand the feelings of others.

They can bring charm into the relationship by always making their friends feel special. These individuals can help their friends brainstorm and debate over known and unknown issues.

Weakness – Despite having all the positives, an ENTP friend has the habit of making others feel as if they are superior to them.

ISTJ – Reliable friend

ISTJs are dependable and consistent, making them reliable friends who can be counted on in times of need. Besides, they love doing things correctly and never miss promises, thus making them highly reliable friends. Most importantly, ISTJ believes in dedication, so they give 100% to every task – maintaining a friendship or working back in the office.  

Weakness – ISTJs take time to make friends. They may not be friends with those having different outlooks towards life. They feel closing the communication gap would take a lot of time. So, they have a small friend circle.

ISFJ – Nurturing friend

ISFJs are caring and empathetic, always looking after their friend’s well-being and providing emotional support. Besides, they are always up and ready to help pals in trouble because they are generous, warm, and kind-hearted. Due to this, making meaningful relations with an ISFJ is a piece of cake. They connect with friends at a deeper level.

Weakness – ISFJs are private and reserved. They prefer to mingle with like-minded people only who share a few or some of their interests. Besides, they hate random encounters with unknown people.

INFJ – Insightful friend

INFJs are enveloped in a peaceful aura wherein they speak politely, hardly throw tantrums, and never seem to lose their temper. Besides, they have a solid sixth sense and can easily guess if a friend is sad, thus making them empathetic. INFJs deeply understand their friends’ emotions and motivations, making them excellent listeners and advisors.

Weakness – Being introverts, INFJs cannot handle large groups, so their friend circle always remains small and close-knit.

ISTP – Adaptable friend

ISTPs are flexible and easily adjust to various situations, making them easygoing and low-maintenance friends. Besides, they love sharing their intriguing activities and hobbies with friends. Most importantly, ISTPs are perfectly fine with their friends not following the activities they do. They allow their friends complete freedom to do whatever they wish; hence, such friendship has harmony.

Weakness – As a friend, an ISTP does not want to remain bound to any individual or activity. They love to stay in the present and enjoy whatever life offers them. They do not change plans to suit their friends’ interests.

ISFP – Artistic friend

ISFPs are creative and artistic, bringing a unique and imaginative perspective to their friendships. Besides, their relaxed and peaceful nature makes others live in harmony with them. They are happy and constantly engage in fun and frolic activities with close friends. 

Most importantly, they are compassionate friends who will always stand by the person through thick and thin. Most importantly, they never fear expressing themselves and appreciate their friends.   

Weakness – As the ISFPs cannot take criticisms positively, they may feel sad if their good work is not appreciated rather than ridiculed by their friends. 

INTP – Analytical friend

INTPs have a sharp and logical mind, which allows them to provide well-reasoned advice and insights to their friends. Besides, they are reticent and thoughtful, love to spend time alone, and at the same time are flexible and spontaneous. 

Again, they love to explain things accurately and concisely. Alongside this, they are fantastic at spotting discrepancies but, at the same time, are warm at heart. Due to this, whatever advice they give is true from the heart after proper evaluation.

Weakness – When giving emotional support to friends, an INTP person suffers a lot. They cannot handle emotional chaos and wipe the wet eyes of their friends. 

ESTP – Energetic friend

ESTPs are lively and adventurous, bringing excitement and spontaneity to their friendships. As friends, they are full of life, always active and agile. Their charming, tolerant, and relaxed attitude makes them famous in social circles. 

Also, they love surprising their friends with new ideas to explore the world. They are always on their toes and take their friends along this life journey.

Weakness – ESTPs may not understand hidden emotions clearly because their feeling function is poorly developed. Sometimes they may want to be left alone and feel stuck if asked to carry out many responsibilities together.

ESFP – Enthusiastic friend

ESFPs are outgoing and energetic, making them enjoyable friends to be around. Also, they are helpful and compassionate friends who support their pals to the core without thinking about the problems they might land themselves in. 

As ESFPs are enthusiastic and prefer action, they can take their friends on adventurous journeys and engage them in exciting experiences.

Weakness – ESFPs may sometimes take up risky behaviors and may want their friends to join them on the ride. This way, they may put their friend’s life in danger.

ENTJ – Decisive friend

ENTJs are decisive and assertive, making them great leaders and problem solvers within their friend groups. They are smart, a typical go-getter who thrives well in challenges and adversities. 

They never give up, which is why they never give up on their friendships. Also, they speak their mind firmly and confidently, thus putting their point upfront with friends. Lastly, they seek personal growth and a true sense of belongingness in friendships.

Weakness – ENTJs love for power, dominance, and influence is seen in all their closest relationships. So, they may get into arguments and verbal fights with their friends only to prove themselves right. Besides, they struggle to understand timid, quiet, and introverted friends and never engage with such people deeply.

ESFJ – Supportive friend

ESFJs are nurturing and caring, always putting their friends’ needs first and providing a strong support system. They value bonding and love spending the time and energy required to maintain relationships with their friends. 

Besides, due to their loyalty, ESFJs always support their friends. For them, their friend’s happiness is their top-notch priority, and may go to any lengths to make them happy.

Weakness – Being a sensitive person, ESFJ would feel hurt if criticized by friends. Also, they trust their friend blindly and may get ditched in return. 

ENFJ – Sincere and faithful friend

ENFJs love to be with others. Deeper social connections matter significantly to them, so they are sincere and faithful. They always maintain a kind and warm relationship with their friends. Also, they prefer friends who can keep up with their ideals and a positive outlook toward life. 

Weakness – ENFJs put tremendous effort and focus into their connections. However, as they frequently take the initiative, they could experience rejection while seeking a fulfilling friendship. Also, they want their peers to feel heard and understood instead of just affirmed.

ESTJ – Active and a lively friend

ESTJs are lively and love mingling with their friends. Besides, they love to go out with their friends and enjoy short road trips, mountaineering, etc. Most importantly, they are so loyal and trustworthy that they will keep their friend’s secret stories till the last breath. Also, they are honest and dedicated and may pinpoint their friend’s mistake without thought. 

Weakness – ESTJs are usually stubborn. Thus, forming strong bonds of friendship becomes difficult. Also, they face immense problems in listening to various opinions and being friends with those who express their viewpoints differently from how they do.