We all are shopaholics to some extent. However, some enjoy group shopping, seeking social interactions, while some prefer online purchases. Besides, some individuals also research, plan, and budget their shopping meticulously. 

Therefore, the team of ThePleasantPersonality has compiled the list of MBTI personality types and the kind of shopper each personality is. So, let’s explore all about this.   

The Type of Shopper Based on Your MBTI Personality Type

Individual differences within each type can lead to varied shopping behaviors, making it a complex interplay of nature and nurture influencing consumer choices. So, let’s explore without any further ado. 

ISTJ: Practical and organized shoppers 

ISTJs are known to be stubborn and resistant to change, so they prefer sticking to familiar brands and well-researched purchases. Besides, ISTJs have an eye for detail, so they always go for the best and do not compromise.

Additionally, ISTJs are known to do everything with precision and accuracy. They plan everything in advance and that makes them practical and organized shoppers.

ISFJ: Thoughtful and considerate shoppers 

ISFJs enjoy helping others find their needs and often seek meaningful gifts. Besides, their warmth and soft nature help connect with people on a deeper level, thus knowing their likes.

Despite having a traditional outlook toward life, they are naturally welcoming. Also, they prefer a structured life and walk an extra mile for the happiness of their loved ones. So, they will help you in your shopping without getting frustrated. 

INFJ: Insightful and selective shoppers 

INFJs gravitate towards unique and meaningful items that resonate with their values. Besides, they do not settle on average, so their shopping is top-notch.

Also, INFJs are known to be insightful because they try to delve deeper into everything, including their shopping experience.

Also, they are known to be selective shoppers because they know what is right and wrong and are quick to spot loopholes. 

INTJ: Strategic and efficient shoppers 

INTJs approach shopping as a problem-solving task. They are intelligent and curious, so they explore more and shop.

Besides, INFJs are known to be master thinkers with a nudge to analyze simple and complex problems and develop creative solutions.

Therefore, while shopping, they explore everything properly and believe in using only quality products. Due to this, they are tagged as strategic and efficient shoppers.  

ISTP: Analytical and independent shoppers 

ISTPs are curious souls who enjoy exploring stores for exciting finds and practical gadgets. Besides, they are fiercely logical, which is why they are analytical buyers and prefer new shopping experiences.

Alongside this, they constantly experiment and try to improve things like customizing gadgets, electronics, and whatnot.

ISTPs use their hands to feel and eyes to see and examine new and innovative things. As an introvert they love doing things alone, including shopping.   

ISFP: Artistic and sensory shoppers 

ISFPs are drawn to aesthetically pleasing and emotionally resonant items because they naturally are free souls passionate about art and novelty in life. Besides, their imaginative world is colorful and vibrant, which is why they are artistic shoppers.

Also, no other personality type can explore and experiment like ISFP. They are thoughtful introverts with rich ideas and practicality and love hands-on experience, thus making them sensory shoppers too.

INFP: Idealistic and compassionate shoppers 

INFPs prioritize purchases aligned with their beliefs and interests. They are idealists with thoughtful minds but rely on intuition at times, thus making them a perfect blend of idealistic and compassionate shoppers.

Also, they always keep their options open in case of a problem or last-minute hurry, be it in the shopping. Even if they get into trials, they will always have unique ideas popping into their head.

Also, they believe in simple living, high thinking and hence you will witness simplicity in their shopping too!

INTP: Curious and logical shoppers 

INTPs are not the ones who will buy anything mindlessly. They undertake thorough research before making purchases. Besides, they won’t go for something very cliched as they often seek innovative or unconventional items.

Most importantly, INTPs notice errors easily and work with intuition, which they apply during shopping, too, because they love precision. Additionally, being imaginative makes them buy some abstract items too!

ESTP: Energetic and spontaneous shoppers 

High energy is what depicts ESTP and you will witness the same zeal during their shopping too. ESTPs thrive on the thrill of the hunt and enjoy trying out new products.

They follow few rules, and due to this, they do not have a routine set or stay confined when it comes to shopping.

Besides, they know all the best shops offline and online and keep track of each of them because they want to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out).

ESFP: Social and expressive shoppers 

ESFPs are the ones who love to lead a vibrant and energetic life. And the same zeal you will witness during their shopping activities too. They enjoy shopping as a sensory experience and often buy items to share with others.

They keep a close check on the current trends. On one hand, they have a fun-loving nature, but on the other hand, they are bad in money matters, quite a spendthrift type.

They are also concerned about their looks and material possessions and shop accordingly. 

ENFP: Enthusiastic and imaginative shoppers 

ENFPs are more inclined to explore various options and may make impulse buys based on their interests. Besides, they are very curious, and to know the world around them, they dive deeper to unearth things.

Thus, showcasing and making them enthusiastic shoppers. Besides, they are imaginative and open to others’ opinions and ideas on shopping. 

ENTP: Inventive and unconventional shoppers 

ENTPs definitely have a knack for unique things and love exploring unique or novel products. Also, they enjoy debating and believe in staying within rules and regulations.

Hence, they buy things that come to their mind and do not get deterred by anyone’s opinions.

Also, while making purchases, they always prefer to see things from new angles because of their insightful mind, thus being tagged as an unconventional shopper too!

ESTJ: Organized and practical shoppers 

ESTJs are the ones who value efficiency and tend to stick with tried-and-true purchases. Besides, they always like to be prepared for any task and hence are very organized when it comes to shopping as well.

Also, they hate chaos and have an eye for detail. So, they do not buy haphazardly but rather make keen observations before making the final buy.

ESFJ: Caring and considerate shoppers 

Who wouldn’t like someone buying for them? Isn’t it? Well, you will find this quality in ESFJs who love shopping for others. At times, they may even ignore their self-interests to put others first.

Thus, making them caring and considerate shoppers. Furthermore, they don’t just shop for others but create a positive shopping experience altogether. They take charge of activities, including shopping, thus making it a fun event! 

ENFJ: Charismatic and thoughtful shoppers 

A lot of times, we tend to get confused while shopping for something. However, if you have an ENFJ around, this task becomes easy because they are the ones who enjoy helping others make choices.

Alongside this, they are extremely friendly, so they go a step ahead and seek gifts that make people feel special. So much that they often lose track of their own needs. They cannot say “NO” so they will always accompany you shopping.  

ENTJ: Decisive and strategic shoppers 

ENTJs love having a dynamic social presence and are known to be trendsetters. Therefore, they approach shopping with a goal-oriented mindset and prefer making efficient purchases.

Besides, they are good at organizing things precisely and detest messy work. The same thumb rule they apply in shopping, too, wherein it is neat, systematic, and perfect.

A Word From ThePleasantPersonality 

We hope you have realized what kind of shopper you are based on your personality type. 

But before concluding the kind of shopper you are, know your personality type first because it will help you better understand yourself and the people around you.

Besides, it will give you a chance to improve yourself. Therefore, read our comprehensive guide on 16 Personalities to know more.