Did you know your personality types can affect your dream theme or content? And yes, studies have highlighted it. According to the study, amid the Extroversion/Introversion (E/I) dimension, I types had dreams of emotional intensity and passive emotions more than E types. 

Whereas, in the Sensation/Intuition (S/N) dimension, N types have a more positive attitude toward dreams, get more novel ideas and help from their dreams than S types.

Therefore, on the basis of all these findings and to commemorate World Dream Day, the team of ThePleasantPersonality thought of showcasing types of dreamers and their dream themes based on their MBTI personality types. 

We asked our reviewer, board-certified Psychiatrist Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, to share the inputs.  

So, let’s dive in.

Types of dreamers and their dream themes based on the MBTI personality types 

Let’s see what type of a dreamer each MBTI personality is!

ISTJ: Practical Dreamer

ISTJs are known to be practical dreamers because they prefer deep thinking and creativity. Besides, they are also known as the ‘logisticians’ or ‘Inspectors’ because they are honest, straightforward, and meticulous. 

What they dream about: They are likely to have dream scenarios that reflect their practical concerns, daily routines, and real-life experiences. Besides, they may also dream about people they know or interact with in everyday life, like colleagues, family members, etc. 

ISFJ: Caring Dreamer

People with this personality type are reserved and private yet can serve others selflessly, which is why they are known to be caring dreamers. Humanity is important to them, so they remain loyal to social conventions. 

Besides, when it comes to work, they are meticulous and go beyond simple work, trying to be perfectionists. They finish their work on time.

What they dream about: Being caring, ISFJs will likely see people they care about, such as family members, close friends, or coworkers. Moreover, the dreams may also revolve around relationships and helping people around. Besides, they are detail-oriented and hence may have excellent dream recall.

INFJ: Visionary Dreamer

INFJs are private and reserved but, at the same time, thoughtful and future-focused. They always stick to what they believe to be correct. Besides, their value-oriented mindset guides their life’s path toward goal accomplishment. 

Hence, they are called visionary dreamers. Alongside this, they are empathetic and so easily get affected by the pains and sufferings of others.

What they dream about: INFJs are introspective and empathetic individuals. So, they might experience dreams that involve helping people in profound ways, embarking on spiritual journeys, or uncovering hidden truths. 

Also, they abide by moral values and hence may see themselves positively impacting the world by helping people around them. 

INTJ: Strategic Dreamer

INTJs are known to be logical masterminds and creative geniuses. They are an explorer with booming ideas. Moreover, they plan with a vision and accomplish things with hard work, passion, and commitment. 

Most importantly, they sometimes like doing things alone and hate when someone disturbs their solitude. 

What they dream about: INTJs are renowned for their analytical and strategic minds. Therefore, their dreams often revolve around solving complex problems and achieving goals. 

They may also dream about intricate puzzles, planning for the future, or navigating through challenging scenarios. Additionally, the common dream themes are success, innovation, and the quest for knowledge. 

However, they may also encounter dream themes where they are solitary or self-reliant as they love working independently.

ISTP: Adventurous Dreamer

ISTPs are reserved, logical, spontaneous, and easy-going in their outlook on life. They are emotionally less expressive but keep themselves away from socialization. Moreover, they always want something new and exciting and are naturally drawn towards adventure.

What they dream about: ISTPs are practical and more drawn towards adventure. Therefore, their dreams often involve hands-on experiences and physical activities. As adventurers, they might also see themselves exploring uncharted territories or taking risks that evaluate their courage levels. 

ISFP: Artistic Dreamer

Individuals with ISFP personalities are authentic artists. They are kind and friendly yet love to live in an inner world of creativity and aesthetics. Besides, they are reserved yet open to new ideas, spontaneous, and easygoing. 

Also, being a feeling and perceiving type, they take care of other’s needs and are ruled by their heart. It means they tend to make emotional decisions quite often. 

What they dream about: Known for being artistic and creative, ISFPs may encounter vivid and imaginative scenarios. Usually, these scenarios reflect their love for art, beauty, and self-expression. They might also see themselves embarking on adventurous journeys or amid natural landscapes. 

INFP: Compassionate Dreamer

INFPs showcase friendliness, yet they are reserved and quiet. Though they do not prefer mingling, they are very caring towards others. Being compassionate and empathetic, they deeply care for others and heal their emotional wounds with kind words and immense support. 

What they dream about: Being deeply in touch with their emotions, INFP dreams are also induced with deep emotions like immense joy or sadness. Also, they are close to people and may find interacting with their favorite people in dreams or exploring the dynamics of their relationships. 

INTP: Analytical Dreamer

INTPs are known to be logicians, original thinkers who can think out of the box. They are unconventional in their thought process, wherein they will take a road not opted for by many. 

Also, they are known to be sharp, curious, intelligent, and flexible. Alongside this, they love being engrossed in their intuitive world of thought, wisdom, and unknown mysteries of the Universe.

What they dream about: As INTPs are logical minds, they may also explore complex concepts in their dreamscape. Besides, they may dream of solving complex riddles, uncovering hidden truths, or exploring the unknown mysteries of the Universe.

ESTP: Thrill-seeking Dreamer

ESTPs are known to be highly energetic and enthusiastic. However, they are less emotional, thus appearing insensitive and non-compliant at times. They are also pleasant, friendly and enjoy spending time in large groups. They enjoy life as it comes and love dynamism with immense spontaneity and liveliness.

What they dream about: ESTPs seek thrill and may find themselves in action-packed scenarios. Furthermore, they might find themselves in new and exotic locations or embark on spontaneous journeys in the dream world. 

Also, they are known to be outgoing, so they see dream themes of gatherings, parties, or moments in the limelight. They may also dream of achieving fame or recognition for their accomplishments.

ESFP: Social Dreamer Envisions Entertaining Experiences

ESFPs are extroverts and, hence, have fantastic communication and networking skills. Besides, they are sociable and charming and instantly become the life of the party. They are highly adaptable and embrace every small change with ease and grace. 

What they dream about: ESFPs are lively and fun-loving individuals, and so their dreamscape includes all vibrant elements, including tasting delightful food, dancing to music, parties, and exciting adventures. 

They may dream of being the center of attention or using their talents to entertain others. They may also see dream themes of love, joy, excitement, or emotional connection.

ENFP: Inspirational Dreamer

ENFPs are known to be idealists who have a big vision for the future. Besides, they are free souls who never get bound in life. Also, they boast a charming personality and infectious positivity that can light up the hearts of the gloomy and depressed. 

Due to this, they are known to be an inspiring dreamer. Most importantly, ENFPs tend to step out of their comfort zone to embark on newer adventures.

What they dream about: ENFPs are known for their enthusiasm and creativity. They might encounter highly imaginative scenarios with intriguing characters or unusual symbols. 

They might also encounter interactive dreams where they are engaging in social gatherings. They may find themselves mediating and resolving disputes or seeking peaceful solutions.

ENTP: Innovative dreamer

ENTPs are known to be an energetic, creative, and highly dominant person who has the power to foresee the future. They are adaptable and open to new changes in life. 

Also, they like doing futuristic innovations that can help grow the people around them. As they are spontaneous and easy-going, they can ably share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings with others.  

What they dream about: ENTPs have a strong urge for experimentation and innovation, and that’s why their dreams may involve testing new ideas, experiments, etc. 

Also, they love exploration, so their dream scenario may have debates and be full of inventive ideas. Also, due to futuristic thinking, they might have future-oriented dreams too. 

ESTJ: Organized Dreamer

ESTJs are tagged as thought leaders because of their planning and organization skills. They always prefer logical thinking and are extremely meticulous and organized. 

Also, they prefer a build-up that is organized and value-driven. They are law-abiding, righteous, and are a pillar of community living. They are a classic example of how one should uphold principles of life and maintain the decorum of society.

What they dream about: ESTJs are organized, responsible, and known for being no-nonsense. In their dreams, they often encounter scenarios that reflect their sense of duty and responsibility or manage their tasks efficiently. 

They have a strong hold on work ethics, so they might dream about work projects, solving work problems, or even efficiently managing projects and leading teams.

ESFJ: Nurturing Dreamer

ESFJ are known to be organized and practical, but they also are generous and friendly. Despite being practical, they create and nurture a balanced and harmonious environment for themselves and others. 

They are full of warmth and kindness and, hence, never back out when it comes to supporting people. Therefore, they are a star in community building and love offering their services in some way. 

What they dream about: ESFJs are caring and nurturing individuals. Their primary focus is on relationships, so they tend to interact with people in dreams frequently. As they are caring, they may find themselves caring for or assisting people. Besides, ESFJ dreamers may dream about family gatherings, helping those in need, or creating harmonious environments for their loved ones.

ENFJ: Charismatic Dreamer

ENFJs are outgoing, friendly, talkative, and love to connect with others. They are highly organized and, hence, dislike messy work. 

They are filled with empathy and consider other’s pain and ensure to resolve them. Due to this, they are tagged as “people’s person.” They can have a beautiful friendship with even the most reserved person. 

What they dream about: ENFJs are natural caregivers, so their dream themes may include guiding and supporting others. 

As they are organized, they may dream about planning events, managing tasks, etc. They also want to strive for the betterment of the community; hence, they may dream about volunteering, service work, etc. 

ENTJ: Ambitious Dreamer

ENTJs are known to be goal-oriented individuals filled with immense confidence. Time is valuable for them, so all their tasks are undertaken systematically. For them, failure is absolute because they have trained themselves in such a way. Also, they hate procrastination and carelessness in their work.

What they dream about: Being natural leaders, ENTJs often dream about achieving ambitious goals or taking charge of complex projects. 

Being logical thinkers, they may see themselves tackling logical puzzles, undertaking data analysis, or digging for concrete solutions. Besides, they may dream of reaching the pinnacle of success in their chosen field or substantially impacting the world.

Closing Thoughts

Our dreams are windows that help us dive deeper into the depths of our subconscious minds. 

Alternatively, our personality types help in influencing the content of these dreams. So, by understanding the themes of your dream, you can drive on the path of personal growth.