Enneagram 6 personality types show commitment in life. Their focus remains on being safe and secure. They are hardworking and trustworthy and love carrying out their responsibilities in the best possible manner. Enneagram type 6 relationships & compatibility thrive on their ability to make thoughtful decisions and offer protection to their romantic partners, friends, and children.

Sixes are always loyal to their beliefs and friends, who form an integral part of their life. These individuals remain committed to all of their relationships. They will hold on to them no matter what happens in their life. Enneagram 6s will fiercely fight for whatever they have in their life and would show similar resolve toward defending their loved ones.

In the following article, we will see how Enneagram six personality type people maintain different relationships. It will also talk about the extent of compatibility they share with other enneagram types.

Enneagram Type 6 Relationships & Compatibility

Enneagram Type 6 Relationships & Compatibility refers to how these individuals carry out various roles and responsibilities in life. It mentions how these people maintain those relationships with sincerity and perfection to make a meaningful impact.

In relationships, Enneagram 6 personality type people place immense value on commitment and consistency. They do not prefer being with anyone who stays with them only to serve their purpose. Under those situations, there is always a chance that when they are through with them, they will leave Sixes behind and move forward. Hence, these enneagrams prefer forging relationships with trustworthy individuals who are steady and portray kindness toward them.

As a friend, an Enneagram 6 person shows loyalty and dependability. They even bring forth a sense of humor in an unconventional manner now and then. These individuals are desperate to build and maintain loyal friendships. Sixes also show great concern toward the status of their relationships. All those friends who give reassurance to Sixes regarding their values are great buddies. They appreciate them for their gesture and stick by their side even through the tough times of life. We all know how sixes treasure their beliefs and friends in their life. These people will go to any extent to keep their friendships alive.

Enneagram Sixes take pride in its ability to remain steady and maintain the highest level of commitment. They always intend to keep everyone safe and secure in their life. When Sixes involve themselves in parenting, they show compassion and offer constant support. These two elements help a lot in meeting their children’s needs and demands. It makes their kids experience safety. They feel they have someone to fall back on for suggestions or input. These parents tend to work hard, make their children dependable, and carry the natural desire to raise children.

It is time to discuss how Enneagram Sixes maintain their relationships while playing different roles as romantic partners, friends, and parents.

Enneagram 6 as a Romantic Partner

Enneagram 6, while playing the role of a romantic partner, is protective and thoughtfully makes decisions. They always intend to make their lover’s life safe and secure from all kinds of threats. Sixes show desperation toward having connected relationships. These individuals crave deep-level connection even under unfavorable circumstances. They wish to share each other’s concerns and deal with tough times better. Enneagram 6s are transparent in their approach and expect their partners to show the same level of transparency.

These people do not hide anything from their partners early in the relationship. It helps an Enneagram 6 judge if they can trust the person with whom he wishes to build a relationship. They manage to get a clear understanding that their partner genuinely likes them for the personality they possess. Sixes can even get an idea how far they complement one another. These two aspects are crucial to building a healthy, long-term trustworthy relationship.

Sixes will get hurt if things do not turn out as per their expectations. It will be tough for them to overcome this situation and convert them in their favor. When these individuals are not aware of their partner, the suspicious nature of Enneagram Six comes to the forefront. It can make them suffer from insecurity. They even start living under the constant fear of their relationship ending abruptly. These thoughts can soon make the relationship die.

Enneagram 6 as a Friend

When an Enneagram Type 6 personality individual is your friend, they will express their desire to stand by your side through thick and thin. Sixes will show their willingness to keep their friends safe from all kinds of problems and threats in life. Nothing matters more to these individuals than their friends and values. These people always wish to understand what their friends are going through. They want this from their friends. It is because Sixes never want to get caught off-guard by any unexpected development.

Genuineness plays a critical role in the life of an Enneagram 6. They believe that without the presence of authenticity, trust cannot exist. Trust is crucial to building concrete relationships with Sixes. It applies to all those who wish to become friends with these individuals. One must try to be as open and straightforward with Sixes as possible.

Sixes regularly experience fear in their lives. They become overwhelmed by all those negative thoughts that circulate inside their minds. Hence, these people will always appreciate having a friend who will encourage them to express their fears. Sixes will not appreciate those who make fun of them. If you are an Enneagram 6’s friend, be honest to reveal if their anxiousness is bothering you. Try to make them follow remedial measures to release their anxiety.

Enneagram 6 as a Parent

Enneagram 6, while playing the role of a parent, they follow their personality traits of protecting children from all kinds of harm and securing their future. These people show compassion and provide constant support as well as encouragement to their children. It happens right through the course of their life. This approach makes their sons and daughters develop the urge to pursue their dreams in an uninhibited manner. These youngsters feel they can always fall back on their parents for suggestions if their plans do not work out.

Enneagram Six parents can sometimes become too protective of their children. It happens during their growing-up years and can make them feel tied down. They will start yearning for freedom. These parents can even hesitate to let caregivers look after their baby’s needs. A type 6 parent would always feel that some untoward incident might take place.

This overprotective nature of these individuals can soon invite trouble for themselves. Their children might start pushing their limits and test the Six’s patience. They will need to work on overcoming their fears. Sixes must let their children develop their sense of security and freedom.

Enneagram 6 Compatibility with Other Enneagram Types

In the previous segment, we discussed how an Enneagram 6 personality type individual fulfills different commitments to maintain personal relationships.

The following free enneagram compatibility chart would give us a better picture of the behavioral changes that crop up within Type 6s while building relationships with other Enneagram types. Let us now check out the details of this enneagram compatibility chart.

Enneagram Types  When Paired With 6
Enneagram 1When Enneagram 6 pairs with Enneagram 1, it makes a fun match. They share similar values of goodness and loyalty to have a prosperous relationship. Enneagram 1 personality type person helps their Enneagram 6 partner become more comfortable in making concrete decisions. On the other hand, the Enneagram 6 individual would help their Enneagram 1 counterpart learn ways to connect emotionally with others.
 Enneagram 2The relationship between Enneagram 2 and Enneagram 6 is built based on affectionate love and safety. They make a strong pair. While the Enneagram Two individual can help their Enneagram Six partner stay calm and have a positive attitude. On the other hand, Enneagram Six assists its Enneagram Two counterpart in expressing their concerns with more clarity.
Enneagram 3If Enneagram 3 pairs up with Enneagram 6, they entertain achieving big things. They do not just put in hard work for themselves but also look to receive approval and acceptance from one another. An Enneagram 3 individual can help their Enneagram 6 partner feel more confident about themselves. The Enneagram 6 person can assist their Enneagram 3 counterpart toward making logical and responsible choices in life.
 Enneagram 4When Enneagram 4 gets into a relationship with Enneagram 6, it involves a lot of security and intense emotions. Both these individuals explore and analyze their relationship to ensure they are at their best. The Enneagram 4 personality type individual uses their imaginative ideas to help their Enneagram 6 partner find new ways of solving problems. On the other hand, the Enneagram 6 person can make their Enneagram 4 counterpart set much more realistic expectations in their life.
 Enneagram 5Enneagram 5 and Enneagram 6 make a relationship that has loyalty inside it. They enjoy relaxing with subtle jokes, cuddles, and warmth. The Enneagram 5 person uses their insight and knowledge to make their Enneagram 6 partner feel more confident about themselves. On the other hand, Enneagram 6 makes its Enneagram 5 counterpart learn the art of hard work. They also give them practical solutions for dealing with challenges in their personal life.
 Enneagram 6When two Enneagram 6s are in a relationship, they will focus on safety and develop a passionate bond. They will use them to serve themselves and society with care, efficiency, and trustworthiness. These individuals will often talk about those things, which makes them feel safe. They understand how the other person would react if they sense a lack of trust.
Enneagram 7An Enneagram 6 with Enneagram 7 make their relationship glow with loyalty and laughter. Their love shines brightly and spreads across the world. While Enneagram 6 can help their Enneagram 7 partner commit themselves to long-term plans and goals. The Enneagram 7 person can make their Enneagram 6 counterpart remain calm during stressful circumstances. They even help them maintain a positive attitude toward life.
 Enneagram 8The relationship between an Enneagram 6 and Enneagram 8 thrives on their ability to appreciate love and loyalty in their life. Enneagram 6 helps their Enneagram 8 partner consider others’ opinions. On the other hand, the Enneagram 8 person adopts a balanced approach. They make their Enneagram 6 counterpart gain more confidence in their abilities.
Enneagram 9If an Enneagram 6 pairs up with an Enneagram 9 in a relationship, they will focus on chilling out at home, maintaining a proper balance between personal and professional lives. An Enneagram 6 individual can make their Enneagram 9 partner feel more comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas. Enneagram 9, with its ability to bring peace of mind and patience in the relationship, can help Enneagram 6 counterpart attain a sense of calmness and safety.


In this article of enneagram type 6 relationships & compatibility, we have discussed different ways an Enneagram 5 personality type individual maintains relationships as a romantic partner, friend, and parent. Their love for security is paramount in all these relationships. It is visible when they are friends with someone. They love having a partner who will express their thoughts. Sixes want them to share everything in their personal life. As far as Six’s parenthood is concerned, their need for protecting their children from harm stays above anything else. There are times when this can stifle children’s freedom.

We have also compiled a compatibility chart that has mentioned the kinds of relationships Enneagram Sixes maintain with all other Enneagram Types. The usual trend is, Type Sixes pair well with Type Nines. Their relationship thrives on calmness and stability. On the other hand, Enneagram 6 is least compatible with Two, Five, and Seven. This chart goes a long way toward making Enneagram 6s understand how other enneagrams function. Hence, it helps them stay in touch with those carrying similar tastes and preferences.